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 Latitude N 60° 15' 27"    Longitude E 23° 44' 53"    Elevation 54 m

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This large graph presents the temperature, pressure, and rainfall for the last days; based on hourly sampling.

Reload this web page every 5 minutes for Cumulus to upload new values to be shown on the plots on this graph.

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The large graphs that appear below are updated by Cumulus every 5 minutes, and present the temperature, pressure, rainfall, and wind speed trends.

The thumbnail graphs were drawn based on samples every ten minutes as at 27.7.2021 8:35:00.

The buttons below allow you to hide either of the large graphs, or to show both.

Cumulus generated Weather Graphs
Click on a thumbnail to show an updated large graph in the panel above without reloading the page.
Those directly below show trends for the last days; based on daily range. Those directly below show trends for the last 24 hours; based on sampling every minute.
Temp Min/Max Graph Thumbnail Temperature Graph Thumbnail Inside Temperature Graph Thumbnail Wind Graph Thumbnail Wind Direction Thumbnail
Daily Rain Graph Thumbnail Rain Graph Thumbnail Today's Rainfall Graph Thumbnail Humidity Graph Thumbnail Pressure Graph Thumbnail
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